What has been published about ethical and social science considerations regarding the pandemic outbreak response efforts?


  • The scientific literature has put a lot of attention into studying the social and ethical concerns of public information campaigns, restrictions on internal movement such as city lockdown and quarantine, healthcare interventions and vaccines, and recently the considerations regarding contact tracing.
  • Much less attention has historically been given to the implications of public health measures deployed in certain sociocultural and socioeconomic contexts.
What are the barriers and enablers (blue) for the uptake of public health measures and their implications (red) given the variation in policy responses?

School closing

Workplace closing

Cancel public events

Close public transport

Public info campaigns

Restrictions on internal movement

Internation air travel controls

Fiscal measures / What economic stimulus policies are adopted?

Monetary measures / What monetary policy interventions are adopted?

Emergency investment in health care

Investment in vaccines

Testing policy

Contact tracing



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Bogdana Rakova

Bogdana Rakova


Senior Trustworthy AI Fellow at Mozilla Foundation, working on improving AI contestability, transparency, accountability, and human agency